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About the Art on this Website

Laser Beak Man is the colourful superhero created by Australian artist Tim Sharp who has won fans from all around the world with his unique and very original art.  I have personally bought many pieces of his artwork.


Tim is 28 years old and was diagnosed with Autism when he was three years of age. Such were Tim’s enormous difficulties that the doctor's advice to his Mum Judy was "that the best thing to do was put him away and forget about him." Rejecting this prognosis, Judy bravely pushed on and helped Tim find an outlet for his talents. 


Drawing was a comfort for Tim and enabled him to communicate, and eventually Tim did learn to speak. At age 11 Tim invented Laser Beak Man who allows Tim to show the world his great sense of humour and intelligence as well as his original way of looking at life, all the while with his mother at his side.

I am a collector of Tim's artwork and have his permission to include it on this web site.  To find out more about Tim's art and story go to

Tim Sharp - Laser Beak Man